【Chef Agent】Master Kitchen Announced The Star Chef Luigi Taglienti under Allstar Communications as The Brand Spokesperson

5月28日,大师级·高定厨房品牌Master Kitchen正式官宣Allstar Commuinications食达文化旗下米其林星厨Luigi Taglienti成为其代言人!

On May 28th, the high-end smart kitchen brand, Master Kitchen, officially announced the collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Luigi Taglienti as its celebrity chef endorser through Allstar Communications!

主厨Luigi Taglienti出生于意大利Liguria,从年轻时起就深受许多不同地区的美食风味和家族传统的影响和启发。其祖父是托斯卡纳人,祖母则来自莫里斯。家中的厨房是他最爱的角落。基于幼时的美食记忆,Luigi Taglienti将人类情感中的闪光点融合为意想不到的味蕾体验。过往的记忆、情感、感觉甚至生活片段,成为他创新烹饪的精神逻辑,和Master Kitchen的品牌精神不谋而合。

Chef Luigi Taglienti was born in Liguria, Italy. Since young, he has been deeply influenced and inspired by various regional cuisines and family traditions. His grandfather is from Tuscany and grandmother Molise. The house kitchen was young Luigi’s favourite spot. Based on culinary memories from his childhood, he fuses flashes of sentiments into stunning taste bud experiences, transforming precious memories, emotions, feelings and stories of life into the logic underlying his creative works, which is in sync with the brand ethos of Master Kitchen.

在探索食材排列组合带来的惊喜的过程中,Luigi主厨发现Master Kitchen对多种厨电进行科学理性整合,以细微的空间变化定制出舒适烹饪体验的整厨理念,与他的烹饪哲学有许多相似之处,他选择与之同行,以不一样的专业力量创新烹饪,带来品质享受。

In the process of exploring the surprises brought by the arrangement and presentation of ingredients, chef Luigi has found that Master Kitchen’s integrated kitchen concept blends in kitchen appliances seamlessly with subtle spatial variations to offer a customised and impeccable cooking experience. Prompted by this shared vision and the brand’s professional expertise, chef Luigi has decided to join hands with Master Kitchen to revamp the culinary scene with innovative menus and quality indulgence.

Allstar Communications 食达文化敏锐捕捉品牌需求,积极沟通,协助Luigi主厨跨越了语言和地域的藩篱,展开与Master Kitchen的这一段美食奇缘。以厨房为媒,以艺术为形,我们荣幸陪同Luigi主厨与Master Kitchen一起用现代智慧嫁接“经典”与“创新”。

Capitalizing on our swift understanding of branding needs and proactive approaches to communication, Allstar Communications has successfully secured chef Luigi’s partnership with Master Kitchen despite language and geographical barriers. Embarking on this culinary adventure, we are much delighted and honoured to witness the brand-new interpretation of tradition and innovation through Master Kitchen’s modernized wisdom and chef Luigi’s culinary art.

Allstar Communications 食达文化持续为全球主厨及高端餐饮品牌提供厨师经纪与品牌公关服务,热诚欢迎各方洽谈咨询。

Allstar Communications will continue to provide agency and branding PR services for chefs and high-end catering brands. All business inquiries are welcomed.


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Picture by:Master Kitchen brand official

Photo by:Master Kitchen official



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