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食物之美,不仅在于餐食,餐具搭配亦是美感呈现不可或缺的要素,更能令人细细品尝食物带来的多般趣味。追求每一个用餐体验细节,Talib主厨亲自挑选衬托Refer菜品手作器皿,本季与丹麦陶瓷手工坊K.H. Würtz的合作,悠然升起一股意境之美,映照出别具一格的Refer佳肴,温润清雅。

Almost as important as taste, appropriate and beautiful tableware adds so much to the enjoyment and aesthetic presentation of the meal that it cannot be stressed enough. In the pursuit of every detail of the dining experience, chef Talib partners with the acclaimed Danish ceramics workshop K.H. Würtz for this season’s handcrafted tableware to complement Refer’s picturesque dishes with moody hues and elegant shapes.

Kasper Würtz(左)和Aage Würtz(右)

Aage Würtz和Kasper Würtz是国际知名的陶艺父子团队,组建了K.H. Würtz陶瓷手工坊。他们位于丹麦西部的一个乡村小镇。1981年,父亲Aage Würtz开设了自己的陶瓷餐具工坊,并创造了一种高度追求21世纪美学的瓷器,同时保持手工制作的流程,使用几乎完全古老和传统的轮转上釉方法,之后再混合颜料并添加晶体和铁填充物之类的元素,作品带有质朴自然之风。

Aage and Kasper Würtz is a world-renowned father and son team of ceramics and the founder of K.H. Würtz Workshop from a small town in western Denmark. Father Aage went on to found his own tableware workshop in 1981 and started to produce ceramics with artisanal excellence of the 21st century, while employing archaic methods of handcrafting and rotational glazing, before mixing pigments and adding elements such as crystals and iron fillings. There is always pastoral rusticity and timeless spontaneity to their work.

如今,K.H. Würtz被认为是北欧陶瓷设计的先驱,他们的陶器炼金术已发展成为领先世人并备受瞩目的前沿美学,众多北欧和世界各地知名餐厅如Geranium, Noma等,都采用他们的作品。

Today, K.H. Würtz earthenware is internationally sought-after for the pioneering Nordic design and highly regarded aesthetic, which can be found in many top restaurants like Geranium and Noma in Northern Europe and around the world.

在21世纪初,在大学学习丹麦文学的Kasper Würtz于毕业后加入了父亲Aage Würtz的陶瓷工作室。年轻的他本身就是一名天生熟练的陶艺家,他精准细致的眼光造就了独到的品味,他还增强和更新了多面玻璃的制作过程,为工作室注入新的火花,Refer餐厅所采用的便是他的创作。

Graduated in Danish literature from university, Kasper Würtz joined his father Aage Würtz’s ceramics workshop in the noughties. A naturally skilled ceramist, Kasper’s precise and meticulous eye resulted in a unique taste for pottery. In addition, he improved and updated the process of making multi-faceted glass and has been driving energy sparks since then. Guests will find a hauntingly beautiful collection of his works at Refer.


Kasper is also an expert in pigment mixing and impregnation. He gives the ceramics a subtle, soft colouring and mottled textures by adding additional elements such as crystals or iron filings, and then removes with a sponge or paints using a spray gun.

Kasper Würtz不仅手工技术精湛,对器皿尺寸控制也宛如机器般精确。他的作品中时常显露出太空中月球所塑造的空间感。那种若影若离,空间与平面上的凹凸视觉感受,深深吸引了Talib主厨。加上出彩的手工制陶技术,能够确保菜品在上桌时维持完美得宜的温度,种种细节与Talib主厨对菜品精心制作的巧思不谋而合,也成为他本季餐具的心中上选。

Kasper Würtz is not only a skilled craftsman; he controls the dimensions of his works with machine-like precision. His work often reveals a sense of space much like the Lunar planet in the vast universe. The shadowy, spatial and planar concavity of his work captivated Chef Talib. Hand-crafting ensures that the dishes are served at perfect temperature – something undoubtedly matches chef Talib’s attention to detail.

本次合作Refer选用K.H. Würtz手工坊的作品,扎实又细致的触感、自然温润的色泽与菜品形成天作之合,与Talib主厨追求自然,借鉴万物的理念共存。

The collection by K.H. Würtz workshop was chosen as Refer’s tableware this season. The solid yet subtle touch and natural warmth of colour perfectly match for the dishes, coexisting with chef Talib’s pursuit of nature and referencing philosophy.

羊肋排 | Lamb

葵花籽酱油 Sunflower Seed Shouyu | 鸭油烤舞茸 Grilled Maitake in Duck Fat | 咸萝卜 Salted Turnip | 鸭肝 Foie Gras | 月桂叶 Bay Leaf | 白汁鸭肉 Duck Blanquette


A vague sense of bubbles rises from the surface of the plate as the irregular flaky patterns resemble those gray patches on the face of the moon, much like a meandering on our nearest cosmic neighbor. The angularity of the façade of the plate brings elevation to the overall quality as well as mentality of the dish. A fine chop of lamb rib is marinated in sunflower seed shouyu and served with duck fat-grilled maitake, salted turnip, foie gras and duck blanquette, finishing with an aethereal garnish of bay leave. The light and vibrant freshness of the dish and the pairing plate instantly transcend into the ethereal vastness of the universe.

间奏曲 | Interlude

苤蓝 Kohlrabi | 豌豆冰激凌 Pea Ice Cream | 腌松针 Pickled Pine | 内蒙古浓缩奶油 Inner Mongolian Clotted Cream | 薄荷 Mint

作品四周呈现灰白相间的做旧印记,底下配以日本陶艺大师大谷哲也Tetsuya Otani温润细腻的白瓷盘,将整道菜品供摆于中心。菜品以苤蓝为底,将腌松针以及薄荷置成圈状,Talib主厨精心研制的豌豆冰激凌以及内蒙古浓缩奶油被一团绿叶簇拥,满是初夏的清新味道。

The dish is placed right on the center of the bowl that displays intertwining grey and white marks and is placed onto a delicate porcelain plate from Japanese master potter Tetsuya Otani. The dish is served in a circle of pickled pine and mint on a base of kohlrabi, with Talib’s handcrafted pea ice cream and Inner Mongolian clotted cream surrounded by a cloud of green leaves. A taste of early summer that’s totally fresh, cool pleasure.

一碟一碗,承载着山野河川的美味。将食物衬托,更加色香有致,更见得食物中的美感性情。K.H. Würtz手工坊的作品映出陶器的沉着朴实,瓷器的温润秀美。如此种种,是对食物的尊重,亦是生活的精致追求。美的食器在餐桌上,总能叫人一眼望见,与Talib主厨的精心佳作相映成趣。

Each plate and bowl carry delicious treasures of the mountains and rivers. When food is presented with enriched colours and aromas, the beauty and sensuality of the food reveals itself. The works by KH Würtz workshop reflect the rusticity and simplicity of earthenware, and the warmth and beauty of ceramics, paying greatest respect for food and pursuing finest exquisiteness of an elegant life. The beauty of the tableware is immediately recognizable, and is mirrored in the elaborate creations of Chef Talib.


图片和视频皆由K.H. Würtz手工坊提供

Photos and video credit: K.H. Würtz workshop



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