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Nestled in the century-old Xi’an Garden, Yong combines vintage aesthetics with authentic Sichuan cuisine, bringing back the historical essence of the time-honoured cultural district of Xinhepu in Yuexiu, Guangzhou.

Authenticity is the backbone of cuisine. Yong’s culinary philosophy is deeply rooted in local traditions, with dishes that bring together fresh bites, fermented delights and balanced flavour combinations. Executive Chef Lan Guijun champions the inner character of Chinese food culture through creating a methodology of his own – to position with soup, to frame with ingredients, and to forge the spirit with flavouring.

The combination of restaurant and art space presents Yong’s refined table aesthetic and the pursuit of traditional culture. The multi-faceted ingenuity of the space, the care and artisanship exuded in the wares, have led to a storytelling ambience and a unique culinary experience for diners.

The owner Li Yongjia has joined hands with Executive Chef Lan Guijun and Head Chef Zhang Jian to produce a well-crafted culinary experience by harmoniously integrating exquisite dishes, classic art and oriental lifestyle with a spirited vision to link the world with food and culture.

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No.18, Xuguyuan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

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周二 – 周日 Tuesday-Sunday

18:00 ~ 22:00



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