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夏天的气息炽烈而活泼,骄阳似火,万物也随之蓬勃生长。盛夏南风草木香, Talib Hudda主厨巧用应季时令食材,博观约取倾情创作而成本季全新Refer菜单。

Vital, bright summer breeze is alive and blooming with everything flourishing with full sun. Chef Talib Hudda is showcasing this season’s finely crafted brand-new menu at Refer with blissful seasonal ingredients.

Nordic soul, Asian essence


Growing up in Canada, a country blessed with a wealth of ecological resources and rich landscapes, chef Talib has developed a deep appreciation for nature and a unique sense of connection between people and the land, ecology and environment. Throughout his culinary journey, he took inspiration from the Nordic cuisine, its value of sustainability, seasonality, use of local produce and expression of the original flavours of ingredients, which gradually become the foundation of his culinary philosophy – everything in the world can be referred.

深耕于亚洲多年,在接触到多样新鲜有趣的丰富物产之后,Talib Hudda主厨更致力于找寻亚洲和国内各地优质时令食材,并将更多亚洲元素和风味融入到菜品当中。

Years of professional experience in Asia have introduced chef Tablib Hudda to a plethora of exotic and interesting ingredients, which fuels his steadfast commitment to sourcing quality seasonal ingredients from across the country and the rest of Asia, instilling Asian elements and flavours into his widely creative dishes.

Taste of summer, blooming in the plate

料理是展现厨师风格的最佳语言,Refer夏季菜单承袭Talib Hudda主厨的烹饪哲学,以海鲜和蔬菜为主角,从太平洋扇贝、北海道马粪海胆、北海道南瓜、日本玉米、越南黑巧克力到四川白鳟鱼、贵阳茗荷、贵州辣椒油和夏季盛产的北京蜜桃,透过各种精彩的食材碰撞,呈上一道又一道尊重自然,遵循季节感和在地化风土交融的佳肴。

Dishes are the direct result of a chef’s culinary style. Inheriting chef Talib Hudda’s cooking philosophy, Refer’s summer menu features wide-ranging seafood and vegetables, from Pacific coast scallop, Hokkaido sea urchin, Hokkaido pumpkin, Japanese white sweet corn and Vietnam dark chocolate, to Sichuan albino trout, Guiyang myoga, Guizhou chilli crisp and Beijing honey peach. The food comes in a colourful whirlwind that effortlessly blends in beautiful regional produce and natural seasonal delight.

贵阳茗荷 GuiYang Myoga


Apart from dishes, the menu format is taking on new look as well. The Balance and Experience tasting menus that have been available since opening are integrated into a more extensive classic tasting menu, offering diners a complete dining experience with a wider choice of dishes.


夏季菜品 Summer Dishes

Refer Select Oscietra Caviar | Refer精选鱼⼦酱

Chamomile Kombucha|Yuzu Creme Fraiche | Carrot| Onion |Lily Bulb

洋⽢菊红茶菌|⽇本柚酸奶油 | 胡萝⼘ | 洋葱 |百合


Summer Pea Tofu | 豌⾖⾖腐

Pumpkin Seed Miso | Garden Vegetable | “Umami Broth”


Refer Select Oscietra Caviar is getting dressed up for summer to kick off a stunning feast. Paired with tart, appetising Japanese yuzu cream fraiche, the rich, luscious caviar is livened up by a flavourful symphony with chamomile kombucha, carrot, onion and lily bulb.


A vegetable dish that breaks the mould to reach beyond your imagination. Tofu made from garden peas is complemented by intricately crafted umami broth, pumpkin seed miso and seasonal vegetables. As if splashing nature’s colour palette, this bright, vital floral pleasure speaks true of the vibrancy and exuberance of summer.



Check out this season’s official tasting menu at Refer on 31st July!



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