【Press Release】Allstar Comms Cooperates with Kanimichi Showing Ultimate Hokkaido Crab Banquet

Allstar Communications食达文化今夏喜讯不断,服务客户板块持续扩张,现已囊括多元风格料理。2021盛夏,食达文化携手活蟹料理品牌“蟹道”,以独树一帜的精巧用餐风格,为食客展现源自日本的匠心工艺,极致北海道蟹宴。

This is an abundant summer for Allstar Communications, our PR customer segment extends to diverse. In the summer of 2021, we are thrilled to cooperate with the live crab cuisine brand “Kanimichi” to show diners the craftsmanship originated from Japan and the ultimate Hokkaido crab banquet with a unique exquisite dining style.

Origin – Making Authentic Japanese Cuisine


Ms. Lu Qing, founder of Kanimichi, has been an ardent lover of Japanese culture. One time encountering a crab dish by chance, Lu was completely moved by the art and philosophy of Japanese cuisine. Since then, she starts her own restaurant Kanimichi, in the hope to convey Japanese craftsmanship and culinary aesthetics. With an eye for precision and excellence, Kanimichi is dedicated to offering its diners live crab dishes. Kanimichi has been based in Beijing in 2020, it continues to bring its impeccable crab dishes, well-selected drinks and unique cultural perspectives to Shenzhen and Guangzhou this year, showcasing traditional techniques and creative approaches.

Philosophy – Inheriting Craftsmanship and Pursuing Excellence


Focusing on quality, style, detail and art, Kanimichi produces more than just good food, but delicious results of craftsmanship and artistic insights of the beauty of life. The restaurant features 100% fresh produce airfreighted from all over the world and presents worldwide flavours of live crab cuisine. Everything about the restaurant, from tableware, plating, to serving and staff etiquette, is strictly detail-driven, and everything Kanimichi does is to help diners unlock the uncharted map of flavours, explore the mysteries of ingredients and experience the beauty of seasonality.

新鲜活蟹Fresh crab

Ingredients Quality Hokkaido Seafood Flavours

在蟹道呈现的是一道道丰富多样的鲜味传奇,每日从北海道、新西兰、俄罗斯、美国、法国、加拿大空运直线供应,汇聚全球海鲜尖货,以三大名蟹— 帝王蟹、红毛蟹、雪蟹为主,供应现选现点的活蟹料理、海蟹料理和传统北海道料理。主打花式吃蟹:帝王蟹九吃(帝王蟹肉刺身、帝王蟹蒸笼、焗帝王蟹、蟹锅、蟹肉沙拉、帝王蟹蒸蛋、蟹黄泡饭、火锅蔬菜拼盘)、活雪蟹六吃(雪蟹肉刺身、雪蟹蒸笼、焗雪蟹、蟹锅、蟹肉沙拉、雪蟹壳蒸蛋、蟹肉寿司卷)、红毛蟹五吃(蟹肉刺身、红毛蟹蒸笼、蟹锅、蟹肉沙拉、蟹壳蒸蛋)。以刺、烧、蒸、煮、炊、焗、鮓、羹、酢等料理工艺,融合日本料理“色、香、味、器”和谐统一的特色,带入不时不食的饮食季节感,赏尽天然瑰宝鲜味。

Kanimichi offers a variety of freshly prepared crab dishes with ingredients sourced daily from Hokkaido, New Zealand, Russia, the United States, France and Canada. King crab, red hairy hermit crab and snow crab are signature choices and are available in forms of live crab cuisine, sea crab dishes and traditional Hokkaido cuisine. The menu features nine ways of eating king crab (crab sashimi, crab steamer, baked crab, crab pot, crab salad, crab and steamed eggs, crab roe rice, hot pot vegetable platter), six ways of eating snow crab (crab sashimi, crab steamer, baked crab, crab pot, crab salad, steamed eggs in crab shell, crab sushi roll), and five ways of eating red hairy hermit crab (crab sashimi, crab steamer, crab pot, crab salad, steamed eggs in crab shell). The dishes are prepared by methods of sashimi, searing, steaming, simmering, baking, marinating, thick soup and vinegaring, and seamlessly blended with Japanese undertaking of colour, aroma, flavour and plating, ushering in a ritual of seasonality and fascinating natural food treasures.

帝王蟹九吃 Nine ways of eating king crab

雪蟹六吃Six ways to have snow crab

红毛蟹五吃Five ways to have red hairy hermit crab

Aesthetic – Minimalist Elegance


A secluded and elegant getaway amidst the bustling city streets, Kanimichi embodies the ultimate in minimalism and beauty. From overall décor to various utensils imported from Japan, each corner of the restaurant stands ready to demonstrate Kanimichi’s distinctive hue and its dedication to quality.

蟹道深圳店 Kanimichi in Shenzhen

蟹道 Kanimichi

地址 Address


N703&704, Ping An Finance Centre, No.5033, Yitian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

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