【Chef Agent】Midea partners with DeAille Tam and Simon Wong to help families unlock Michelin flavours


DeAille Tam and Simon Wong of the highly sought-after Shanghai restaurant Obscura have joined hands with the leading Chinese home appliance brand Midea, a cooperation made successfully by Allstar Communications. With the brand’s persistence on product quality and the chefs’ professional culinary skills, they will work together to develop customised recipes to help unlock Michelin flavours at home.


Midea is a top home appliance maker in China with a complete industry chain to rank it among world-leading microwave oven manufacturers in recent years. By bringing together global resources and R&D capabilities, Midea has been launching cutting-edge products that are easy to use and with outstanding quality.


DeAille and Simon spent a lot of time touring China to experience the many facets of Chinese culinary culture. Throughout their journey, they explored both traditions and innovations, and deepened their understanding of the countrys diverse regional cuisines. The menu at Obscura is constructed with the knowledge and inspirations accumulated through this experience, rendered through the chefs unique lens. Classic Chinese elements are infused with diverse culinary techniques and earnest innovations, coming together to create the chefs’ distinctive and genuine style of Innovative Modern Chinese Cuisine. This year, DeAille Tam was the first female chef from mainland China to receive the prestigious title of Asia’s Best Female Chef.


Equipped with precise temperature control and 360-degree expert baking capacity, the Midea R5 Built-in Microwave Oven with Steam and Convection combines all three functions in one appliance. To bring this fantastic kitchen innovation to full use, DeAille Tam and Simon Wong have specifically crafted tasty recipes tailor-made to the product, providing everything you need to make home-cooked meals not only delicious, but easy.


As one of the many collaborations made fruitful by Allstar Communications’ pool of resources, professional branding and PR services for celebrity chefs, we strive for the cooperation between the luxury brands and Michelin star chef to offer an outstanding culinary experience for all food lovers.


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