Cellar To Table | August Winemaker’s Lunch – Get a Taste of Switzerland’s Lavaux Wines and Swiss Cuisine

8月1日是瑞士国庆节,为庆祝这个美丽国度的重大节日,Cellar To Table将带来满满瑞士风情!精选多款瑞士Lavaux产区红白葡萄酒,配以主厨Francisco Javier Araya特别打造的瑞士主题菜式,一场与异国美食美酒的相遇,不容错过。

On August 1st, Swiss National Day, Cellar To Table will be celebrating this great holiday from one of the most beautiful countries in the world! With a selection of prominent red and white wines from the Lavaux appellation in the western Swiss canton of Vaud, Chef Francisco Javier Araya presents Swiss-themed gourmet food for an exotic culinary experience that you don’t want to miss.

The Winemakers’ Lunch

Swiss National Day 瑞士国庆日

8月1日 周日 中午12点至下午3点

1st August, Sunday, from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m.


580/per guest


Seats limited available, book now!




Switzerland 瑞士

拉沃是瑞士历史悠久的葡萄酒产地。拉沃葡萄酒分为8个产区,分布在洛桑和维维两市之间,占地约830公顷。本月的酿酒师午宴提供的酒款分别来自圣萨福林、埃普斯和德扎利大酒庄,您将可品鉴到四款葡萄酒:Domainedu Daley Le Chasselas Tradition, Villette Grand Cru / Domaine du Daley Pinot Noir Tradition / Luc Massy Crêt-Bailli Epesses Gamay / Patrick Fonjallaz Plant Robert de Lavaux.

Lavaux is a region with a long wine tradition in Switzerland. The wine region of Lavaux is divided into 8 appellations spread over about 830 hectares vineyards between the cities of Lausanne and Vevey. Wines we will offer at Winemakers’ Lunch this month come from some of the most famous plots of Saint-Saphorin, Epesses and the Dézaley Grand Cru. Four kinds of wines from Lavaux’s prominent regions will be served this Sunday: Domaine du Daley Le Chasselas Tradition, Villette Grand Cru (White)/Domaine du Daley Pinot Noir Tradition(Red)/Luc Massy Crêt-Bailli Epesses Gamay (Red)/Patrick Fonjallaz PlantRobert de Lavaux (Red).

拉沃 Lavaux

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拉可雷特芝士 Raclette Cheese


How we choose food is in some way reflective of how we choose lifestyle and attitude. This month’s menu features dishes from across Switzerland, including Ticino Style Risotto from the south of the country, creamy, melting raclette cheese with condiments, charmingly delicious St. Gallen Cocotte and sweet-sour raspberry Linzer Torte with vanilla cream.

左一 Left: 甜品师 Pastry chef Fernanda Guerrero

中间 Middle: 主厨 Chef  Francisco Javier Araya

右一 Right:  餐厅经理 Restaurant Manager Sylvia Su


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