【客户资讯】3.4-3.5 | 澳门永利宫总厨谭国锋 X 上海壹零贰小馆主厨徐泾业四手连弹「本味致臻」晚宴


On March 4th and 5th, 102 House’s head chef Xu Jingye will be teaming up with Wing Lei Palace Macau’s Executive Chef Tam Kwok Fung for an exclusive four-hands collaborative event at 102 House Shanghai! Pushing the boundaries of their own undertaking of dishes, the two awarding-winning chefs have incorporated fresh ingredients and elegant flair into crafting the dedicated menu themed with “The Ultimate in Flavour”, vigorously showcasing the bests of Cantonese cuisine.



The greatest truths are the simplest. “The Ultimate in Flavour” has been chosen as the theme of the event, as the talented duo try their best not to use dried foods and honour the belief that the true and most essential of ingredients is in their purest, simplest form. This is a ground-breaking collaboration between the two chefs and revelry for the taste buds. The dinner event comes at RMB2,380 per person plus 10% service charge with two-time slots from 17:00-20:00 and 20:20-23:20. Reservations can be made by phone. With a seamless partnership and utmost sincerity, the two chefs have worked together to honour the ultimate flavours and authenticity in the culinary scene.



Wing Lei Palace Macau holds ownership to many accolades including Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for three consecutive years and is the only Macau restaurant on the list, Black Pearl Two Diamonds for three consecutive years, also a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant for three consecutive years and Michelin One Star for two consecutive years.



永利宫行政总厨谭国锋游历世界各地,获奖项无数并多次负责招待各国皇室成员及政商巨贾,多年在国际宏扬其粤菜烹调技艺。谭总厨生于香港,于80年代踏入厨艺界,当时只有 16 岁的谭总厨对烹饪充满热忱,积极向其师傅学习,致力钻研粤菜烹调精髓。谭总厨致力不断接受挑战及提升自己,认为需要时刻保持创新掌握最新趋势,才可创作出最佳的粤式美馔。现今的客人追求由纯净有机食材烹调的高质量菜肴,于是谭总厨花大量时间搜罗顶级食材,务求为宾客创作最合心意的菜单。

Executive Chef Tam Kwok Fung, revered around the world for his award-winning Cantonese cuisine and masterful works of culinary art, has received many prestigious accolades and served a host of dignitaries throughout his career – from politicians to royal families. He believes in constantly challenging and evolving himself to stay innovative because the food industry is much like the fashion world – you have to stay on top of the latest trends. Guests today demand dishes of the highest quality and want food from organic farms, so he spends a majority of his time sourcing the best produce and tailor-making dishes that are best suited to guests’ palates.”



Chef Tam now brings his culinary inspirations to Wing Lei Palace, where he artfully designs dishes that are tailored to the palates of each guest. His delicate works of art are pure and natural, full of fresh and healthy ingredients and sprinkled with a dash of herbs that are in harmony with spring, summer, autumn and winter. He presents each new dish with an innovative flair, yet is careful to preserve the rich traditions of Cantonese cooking. Chef Tam shares, “My goal is to continue to improve in my career. I enjoy interacting with my guests and understanding their preferences in order to create dishes that they would love to come back to.”



With the intention of honouring traditional Cantonese cuisine and rich culinary culture from Lingnan area, owner Yao Min and head chef Xu Jingye have brought 102 House from Foshan to Shanghai this summer. 102 House Shanghai is a continuation of the “less is more” concept of its Foshan restaurant.




Combining superb culinary skills, fresh ingredients and elegant seasoning, chef Xu has honed the classics of Cantonese recipes by drawing on the quintessence of the cuisine, integrating modern elements into the traditional framework and highlighting the true nature of each ingredient as the season changes. The result is a combination of the understated and restrained Lingnan culture, a touch of elegance in style and a unique set of flavours.







Chef Xu Jingye is a Foshan aboriginal and received rigorous training under Mr. Chen Daben, who is widely acclaimed as the master of Cantonese cuisine. Xu has specialised in Cantonese cuisine since he started his career, spending five years polishing essential techniques. He then met Yao Min, who shared the same vision and passion of opening a private kitchen focusing on Cantonese cuisine. That was when 102 House was first conceived. After a year of working on modern Cantonese cuisine, they decided to return to the fundamentals of traditional Cantonese cuisine. Inspired by the elaborate kaiseki cuisine when he travelled extensively in Japan, Xu instilled its emphasis of seasonality into his way of translating Cantonese cuisine in the language of fresh produce and seasoning, as well as a flavour which is clear but not light, refreshing but also umami, tender but not crude. 102 House has created an all-season menu that breaks away from conventional thinking, and one that harnesses the original flavour of the ingredients through inheriting and reviving the timeless Cantonese cuisine.



This March, 102 House proudly plays host to the two renowned chefs, who share insights and a deep understanding of Cantonese cuisine, and the newly crafted menu different from their previous four-hands style. Breaking out of stereotypes is not easy. A successful example is the just-unveiled Leopard Coral Grouper Two Ways, half fried and half steamed, which is uniquely bold and makes customers’ on the tiptoe of expectation.


晚宴席位有限,有关预订详情,请致电021-6373 3122垂询。

Seats are limited. For booking details please call 021-6373 3122.




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