【Press Release】Asia’s Best Female Chef 2021 DeAille Tam to Present at Madrid Fusión as the Only Speaker from Mainland China

2021年5月31日,上海 — 上海Obscura主厨之一谭绮文(DeAille Tam)受Madrid Fusion邀请,将于西班牙马德里当地时间5月31日(今日)12:20至12:50,即北京时间5月31日(今日)18:20至18:50,在Madrid Fusion官网发表线上演讲。

Obscura’s Chef DeAille Tam has been invited to speak at Madrid Fusión. She will give a virtual presentation on the Madrid Fusión website, from 12:20 pm to 12:50 pm local time (6:20 pm to 6:50 pm China Standard Time) on Monday, May 31, 2021.

主厨谭绮文 Chef DeAille Tam

Madrid Fusion是一场集结名厨和西班牙在地物产以及文化的厨艺盛事,通常有超过60场厨艺展演和20多场workshops,加上竞赛,能一站式地看到各国厨师们的料理技法。本次活动还邀请到2019世界第一餐厅,法国三星的Mirazur主厨Mauro Colagreco,创意海鲜料理先驱Josh Niland,料理天才Flynn McGarry,西三星El Celler de Can Roca主厨Joan Roca等餐饮界翘楚进行演讲。

Madrid Fusión is an international gastronomy congress that gathers renowned chefs from all over the world. The event highlights Spanish gastronomy and local food products, and provides a one-stop showcase of culinary techniques from global chefs with more than 60 presentations, over 20 workshops, as well as several contests. Also invited to speak at this year’s congress are some of the most eminent chefs in the industry: Mauro Colagreco of Mirazur, France, recipient of the 2019 Best Restaurant in the World award from TheWorld’s Best 50 Restaurants; Josh Niland of Saint Peter in Sydney and a pioneer of nose-to-tail fish cuisine; Flynn McGarry, the young but celebrated chef at GEM in New York; and Joan Roca of the three-Michelin-starred El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain.

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作为本次活动中国大陆地区唯一代表, DeAille主厨将以“创新无界限Innovation with No Rules or Protocols”为主题和各位行业内翘楚同台交流。在她的演讲中,她将解释如何透过创新和研究推动Obscura‘新中菜‧心中菜’的愿景,以及Obscura如何演绎中国传统食材、茶艺、香料与西方料理的融合。

As the only speaker from China this year, DeAille will offer her thoughts on “Innovation with No Rules or Protocols.” In her virtual presentation, she will explain how innovation and research fuel Obscura’s vision of Innovative Modern Chinese Cuisine, fusing ancient Chinese traditions of food, tea and incense with Western perspectives.

DeAille在Madrid Fusion官网发表的线上演讲将于今日北京时间5月31日18:20至18:50在以下渠道直播,敬请收看: https://www.madridfusion.net/en/Programa

DeAille will give her virtual presentation today (May 31, 2021) from 6:20 pm to 6:50 pm China Standard Time on the Madrid Fusión website, accessible via livestream through https://www.madridfusion.net/en/Programa.

关于谭绮文DeAille Tam主厨

About Chef DeAille Tam

DeAille 2016年来到上海的 Bo Shanghai 工作,Bo Shanghai 在开业一年后旋即拿到米其林一星。在共同游历中国各地不同的风土人情后,DeAille和搭档王思鸣(SimonWong)于 2020 年底带着 Obscura 重新回归上海,主厨DeAille于开业三个月后便荣获2021年度“亚洲50最佳餐厅”亚洲最佳女厨师奖,成为中国大陆地区第一位荣获米其林和该奖项的女性主厨。

DeAille moved to Shanghai in 2016 to head Bo Shanghai. The restaurant was awarded a Michelin star just a year after it opened, making DeAille the first female chef in China to lead her restaurant to a Michelin star. In 2021, DeAille has been named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2021, becoming the first chef in China to receive this honor.


About Obscura

Obscura意味着“幽暗且神秘莫测”,每位来访的宾客自踏入餐厅开始,便开启了一场充满惊喜又奥妙的多重感官体验旅程。餐厅logo两个新月形的半圆不仅体现出“窥之一隅”意涵,也代表着两位主厨谭绮文(DeAille Tam)和王思鸣(Simon  Wong)一阴一阳,刚柔并济,各自独立又交相呼应的特质。DeAille和Simon时隔一年重新回归,以他们更具深度与广度独到的见解融合西方前沿理念和东方文化,打造富含中国四大古文化:食文化、酒文化、香文化和茶文化的“新中菜Innovative Modern Chinese Cuisine”。

The name “Obscura” signifies a sense of intimacy and mystery. From the moment guests step inside the restaurant, they are immersed in a multisensory experience filled with unexpected and profound moments. The logo, two new moons joined in a ring, not only evokes an impression of peeking through the veil, but also represents the independent yet complementary styles of chefs DeAille Tam and Simon Wong. Returning from a year-long research trip with renewed understanding of China’s vast culinary culture, the two chefs are now presenting their vision for Innovative Modern Chinese Cuisine. This new concept incorporates age-old Chinese traditions in food, wine, tea and incense, and brings together a unique blend of Chinese culture and Western perspectives.


地址 Address


538 Xikang Road, Jing’An District in Shanghai, China;

营业时间 Opening Hours

周二至周六 18:00-22:00

Tuesday-Saturday 18:00-22:00


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