【Press Release】Allstar Communications Collaborates with ANISE Outlining the Art of Innovative French Cuisine

2022金秋时节,Allstar Communications食达文化携手深圳ANISE,摩登解读法式创新融合料理。今年7月,ANISE餐厅进驻深圳罗湖区,匠心具足迈出坚实步伐,从餐厅所处广东在地环境以及主厨Julien在澳门和上海的成长经历中汲取灵感 – 创造法式、粤式和本帮菜式的融合,以料理的深度与温度,提供一种深深尊重当地传统和文化的现代精致餐饮体验。

Golden autumn of 2022, Allstar Communications surprises with its collaboration with ANISE in Shenzhen, bringing modern and innovative French cuisine. In July this year, ANISE opened in Shenzhen’s Luohu district. Drawing inspiration from the local terroir of Guangdong and Chef Julien’s working experience in Macau and Shanghai, the restaurant fuses French, Cantonese and Shanghai cuisines, representing a contemporary fine dining experience that deeply respects local traditions and culture.

ANISE料理 Cuisine


ANISE offers diners a modern and innovative French culinary experience with a complete tasting menu and wine pairing combined with relaxed and sincere service. Chef Julien draws on European culinary techniques and his understanding of local ingredients, incorporating Chinese philosophy of eating according to seasonality. He creates a unique fusion cuisine style inspired by local traditions and innovative dishes to develop a unique connection with his guests. Signature dishes include Geoduck, which highlights distinctive culinary styles, Chris’ Secret, inspired by a blind box game played by Chef Julien’ s daughter, and Coffee & Toffee that pays tribute to childhood memory.

生腌象拔蚌 Geoduck

克莉丝的秘密 Chris’ Secret

咖啡和太妃 Coffee & Toffee

ANISE团队 Team


Chef Julien Xu has more than ten years of experience working at three-starred Michelin restaurants including Robuchon in Macau and Ultraviolet in Shanghai as Sous Chef. Julien has developed solid culinary and management skills to prepare and manage the Puxuan Hotel in Beijing as Executive Sous Chef and the opening of the Banyan Tree Hotel in Nanjing as Executive Chef.


Chef Julien Xu


Through ANISE, Chef Julien has created a theatre of his own. Drawing on his solid French culinary skills, he incorporates life experience and memorial tastes into his dishes to resonate with his guests. With Chef Julien’s 20 years of experience as a chef, he finds common memories with his guests in a delicious and memorable story.

ANISE首席侍酒师陈翛然Sean Chen入行近七年,曾担任澳门银河Café de Paris侍酒师、广州Emmelyn餐厅首席侍酒师。多次参加比赛并取得荣誉-2017年澳门最佳侍酒师,2019年澳门盲品大赛冠军,2021年中国全国侍酒师大赛冠军。他结合自己的侍酒理念与ANISE现代法式料理的主旨,诠释出菜品与酒水间搭配的巧思。

Head Sommelier Sean Chen has joined ANISE Shenzhen with seven years of experience in the industry. Sean was former sommelier at Café de Paris in Macau, former head sommelier at Emmelyn Restaurant in Guangzhou, Best Sommelier in Macau 2017, Winner of Macau Blind Tasting Competition 2019, and Winner of China National Sommelier Competition 2021. He combines his sommelier philosophy and modern French cuisine to tell captivating stories about French cuisine and wine pairing.


Head Sommelier Sean Chen

ANISE内部环境 Design

餐厅以Floating box漂浮盒子为设计理念,整体风格漂浮于现代和沉稳之间,主色调以橙、红、棕三色相融合,从吧台区域由浅入深直至PDR包房空间,也代表着体验层级的深入。外立面材料选用“陶”与“砂”的材质,与拥有神秘色彩的“八角”元素理想配对,质朴中带有质感,富有庄重而沉稳的气质。

The restaurant is designed with the concept of a ‘floating box’ accentuated by orange, red and brown hues to strike a balance between modernity and tranquility. The layout follows an experience hierarchy from the bar area to the private dining room with the façade featuring materials like ‘clay’ and ‘sand’ to echo the exotic element of ‘anise’, exuding an air of calmness and rustic intimacy.

长廊 Corridor

卡座 Booth

散台区域 Regular Table

Please be gently reminded

营业时间 Opening time
周二至周日 Tue. to Sun. 17:30 – 23:00


Sundays are only open for bookings

made before 12 noon on the same day.

着装提示 Dress code
商务休闲/正装 Business Casual/ Formal

官方网站 Web

If you have any problems during the reservation process, please do not hesitate to contact the restaurant.


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