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Obscura | The Making of Obscura

Since DeAille and Simon moved to Shanghai in 2016, they have been deeply captivated by China’s rich culture, boundless history as well as plentiful ingredients. In 2019, the pair set out on a research trip around China to experience the many facets of Chinese culinary culture.

【Press Release】Foshan 102 House Won Essence of Asia 2021

16 March 2021, Foshan, Guangdong, China – Dedicated to supporting the recovery of the restaurant scene following a year of extraordinary challenges, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021 introduces the all-new Essence of Asia, which is an initiative to recognise an unranked collection of local-hero restaurants from across the continent. The collection comprises establishments in 49 cities across 20 countries and territories, stretching from Pakistan to Japan. The list, which has just been released today, features Foshan 102 House amongst six Chinese restaurants. It is rare to achieve such a prestigious international honor for a Chinese restaurant.

【Press Release】 Allstar Comms Joins Hands with Beijing Refer Restaurant Developing a Borderless ‘Immersive’ Enjoyment

At Refer, Talib demonstrates his way of cooking by breaking down the boundaries between different regions and cooking styles, yet fully respecting the rich culture and ingredients. Boasting quality produce from around the world and innovative techniques, Refer creates a unique immersive dining experience by making references and establishing connections.